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Congratulations to Ryan Twigger of Dover Who passed his Practical Driving test on the 1st attempt on 30th of March only three miner marks on your driving test sheet, a great run round and achieved your goal. No more train rides to work. You can start looking for a car and drive in comfort and being self-employed it will give you more opportunity to find more work. Best wishes from your Driving Instructor Jerry Holmes and all the Customer Services team here at Jerry Holmes Driving School Driving Lessons Dover 

Driving Lessons In Dover

Jerry Holmes Driving School is a family run business and was established in 2003. We provide driving lessons in Dover and the surrounding areas and our office is based in Broadstairs.

We take pride in looking after our instructor’s give them continued support and guidance so they can spend their time teaching their students the necessary skills to drive safely on today’s busy roads.

We are one of the rare driving schools that spend time and money investing in our school to keep up with ongoing development in the driving industry having regular meetings and training sessions.

Jerry Holmes Driving School has been teaching learners to drive in Dover for many years and it’s driving Instructors are experience in coaching you through your driving lessons and working as a team to give you a plain on the start and end of your lessons so you will go ways with have a plan of action knowing that you have understand what you have.

Learning To Drive In Dover

Learning to drive in Dover and the surrounding areas gives us a very large area to begin our driving lessons. Our Instructors have been teaching in these areas for many years and have had lots of experience in teaching new pupils and also pre-experienced drivers. They will guide you through your training and when you have the confidence and beneficial driving skills to be safe on the road. You will be able to travel to many areas and to your local test centres. When you have passed your driving test you will have enough skills to drive around the many places in the UK safely. To see our latest driving lesson prices, please visit our page.

What Challenges Will You Face In Your Driving Lesson?

Dover is an exciting place to start your first driving lessons with fantastic views such as Dover Castle and the sea front. Your driving Instructor will teach you the driving skills that will help you to drive through the long roads and Dover town leading to the back roads leading to many steep hills. You will learn to drive on the dual carriageway and motorway which will open many over areas and learn more hazard perception skills also gaining your confidence to be a safe driver on the roads.

Book Your Driving Test

Our driving instructors will take the stress away of booking a practical driving test as when the time comes closer you both need to be in an agreement when you are confident enough to take the driving test.

Our driving instructors are experienced when booking a test for you. They will cover the questions needed at the time so you won’t have the worry of what is going to happen on the day of the test but before any of this happens you will have to complete your theory test. Your instructor will advise you on all the available materials to study with when revising for the test. You can book your driving theory test online at.

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