Motorway Driving Tuition


Motorway tuition designed for a brush up on motorways, confidence building and those who have never driven on a motorway. 3 hour tuition £105.00.


This package is designed for people that would like to brush up on their motorway skills or it just might be that you’ve not driven on fast roads as these can be scary roads to drivers but with the right skill and knowledge these can be safe roads to drive on and as we need them to get to many places throughout the country it saves us time to get to the places we like to go in a shorter period of time. This opens up many wonderful places to visit. So this package will give you the confidence to ask questions that may be stopping you adventuring on these roads and giving you the unique driving skills that you have missed out on. You can arrange however many lessons you would like to do but the most popular course is the 3 hour lesson what will covers in our area. Many motorways to practice on and to give you confidents on joining the slip roads and leaving the motorway, planning skills, and 2 3 4 lane changing, overtaking skills, and driving at the national speed limit. Depending on the time of the year this might in cooperate different types of weather and valuable skills for you to go away with.

Terms and conditions apply

  • Bookings are payed In advance.
  • This is backed up with a money back guarantee on any lessons not used as long as you give 5 days’ notice before your courses starts.