Refresher Courses


Designed for qualified driver with not much experience or who haven’t driven in a long time and would like to gain confidence in motorway tuition, dual carriageways, country roads, manoeuvres, Reverse Park, reversing into a bay and driving into a bay.

Bookings can be done in 2, 3, 4 or 6 hrs lessons @ £35.00 / 1hr.

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This package is designed for people that would like to brush up on their driving skills. It could be just that they want to be able to reverse their car into a parking bay or just to be able to be good at Parallel Parking around a vehicle or is just some skills to brush up on to make you a better and confident driver on the road. And it may be that you are applying for a driving job and you want to make sure that your driving is up to standard for your employer to employ you for the job. Or just that you have something in mind you would like to do maybe it might be a place of darnation you haven’t been and would like the confidents to drive yourself.

It also can be to brush up on your theory skills so this course can be very flexible. It’s a very popular course for many types of people at different ages and nationalities. The driving lessons can be booked in 2 hour lessons or as many as you would like to cater for to complete the knowledge that you wish to take away with you.

Terms and conditions apply

  • Bookings are payed in advance.
  • This is backed up with a money back guarantee on any lessons not used as long as you give 5 days’ notice before your courses starts.