Brandon Nye

I had done a search in my local area and done some training but I just didn’t understand completely what was expected of me. I tried some other local instructors who offered instructor training but didn’t feel I could learn from them. Until I met Jerry, I moved forward under his instruction. He did not want me to have any unnecessary lessons and after the initial assessment drive, we moved forward at a good pace, resulting in me passing all my Tests on the first attempt. We had already discussed becoming a franchisee and so with great pleasure I handed in my notice at my previous job and launched into becoming self-employed! From my initial Meeting, I was struck by how genuine he was. I asked him some quite straight forward questions; I was struck by his honesty. I’ve always wanted to be a driving instructor. In reality, I have never had a lack of work since joining and the income has been steady and not a problem in any way. He feeds me each month (although this has never been a problem), it knows when I’m out there doing the job, that his support on any issues I am experiencing is only a phone call away. He will always support and advise and even deal with difficult situations if necessary. I think I would have struggled in a few situations if I hadn’t had the back up and support.