Harriet Booth

The most important thing for me was an instructor that was calm and friendly, as I felt nervous about learning to drive. Other important factors for me were a driving instructor with experience and a good knowledge to help me become confident and comfortable on the road. My driving instructor Jerry helped me to become confident and comfortable through being patient. I didn’t expect to learn methods so quickly, my lessons were always structured and in decided what I wanted to learn, which I didn’t expect but I did benefitted massively from. I learnt knowledge beyond passing the test which has made me feel more confident in my driving. I was always concerned about teaching methods as my sister had an instructor (with another company) that ended up putting her off her lessons. However my instructors teaching were structured. So I had a plan, I always knew where I needed to improve. My instructor provided a learning that suited all, by providing diagrams, drawings and welcoming to teach in the best methods for the individual. Yes, I would always recommend Jerry, as he was a fantastic instructor who was calm and patient with the experience and knowledge. Anyone who has jerry as an instructor is lucky I couldn’t fault my learner experience with Jerry Holmes School of motoring. I will be forever grateful to jerry for teaching me to drive!