Ian Cloete

I was looking for a driving instructor who was sensible and explained things and who made the learning fun and not a chore. He was very professional with all his instructions and walked me through the whole process of joining his school and all the associated paperwork through to the actual driving lessons themselves. He was always very helpful when fitting me in around my busy work life. He is like that teacher at school who you actually looked forward to instead of dreading. He doesn't shout if you do something wrong but takes the time to explain what you have done wrong and how to improve. If you’re looking for a gd instructor you would not be sorry going with him as he is not just good but can say he is a great instructor. He seems to love what he does and is not just in it to make money unlike some of the horror stories around driving schools/instructors. The office staff will run you through everything from beginning to end and they are just as friendly as Jerry himself.