I would like to thank Jerry Holmes my Instructor Trainer for getting me through my part three test on my first time especially as it was at the end of my two years training and my first attempt at part three. Before I met Jerry I previously joined up with a local driving school in my area. Over a period of time of training I felt wasn’t getting the training and information to help me progress to achieve my dream as a driving instructor so I started to seek other trainers in my local area again I wasn’t happy with what they were telling me and I felt the interviews didn’t go well but I was advised by other driving instructors in the area to see Jerry at Jerry Holmes Driving School as he has been recommended by lots of different driving instructors for his training so I arranged to meet Jerry on a meeting and I was so surprised how professional his courses were . Everything was laid out from part 1, 2 and 3 and his contracts were simple and nothing like I’ve experienced with another trainers in this area. I booked my first lesson with Jerry and I learnt more in 2 hours than what I have done in all my past training and now I wish I had started my training at the beginning with him. Everything was in order and the paperwork to go with the training was excellent. I recommend anyone who wants to become a driving instructor or is not happy with their driving to contact Jerry as I feel without Jerry’s help would not be able to complete this course. I am now proud to be a driving instructor in my local area in Herne Bay.