Award Winning Driving School

“I started my driving school back in 2003 when I trained with a national driving school. After completing my training and becoming a qualified driving Instructor, I stayed with them for two years although at the time I knew there was more to this driving and was not happy with the help I was given to give the best quality driving lessons to my customers. Therefore I decided to start my own driving school. This is when Jerry Holmes Driving School began and I was determined to make it the best driving school in my home area and to give the customer the best quality lessons in the areas I cover on my Website ( the early days  it was hard work with long hours to build up a good reputation,but after the first year I could see some good progress but I was still not happy so I began to seek professional Driving Instructor’s training who have been in the business for a long time. My pathway then led me to many places over the country as I wanted to train with the best instructors. I invested lots of money into the company which has made it one of the best driving schools with 100s of test passes and better then that lots of happy customer reviews all of which are on our website and social media”.

Jerry continues to invest and travel on courses where he has been awarded a trophy for his dedication to the driving industry, putting the customers and road safety first and is very proud of what the driving school has become of today. A family run business who is pleased to say that all of his customers have been happy with the service he and the staff has provided

Jerry would like to thank all of the trainers who have helped him with the knowledge he has gained to make a great driving school.

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