Finding the Right Driving Instructor

When choosing a driving instructor, what qualities do you look for? Ask yourself a few simple questions.

Does the driving instructor continue with their training to keep up with the driving industry by taking training courses to develop their skills and knowledge so they can adapt to the individual clients they are teaching to drive?

Is the driving instructor calm and relaxed whilst teaching a particular subject?

Each lesson starts off with a plan of action. What would you like to do in the lesson today? What knowledge do we have of the subject? What help would you like?

Some learner drivers, like you to demonstrate, they learn better by watching you complete an exercise whereas some need to look at pictures and diagrams or they may find it better if you talk through the exercise in detail. It’s up to you to find out how the pupils learn and take in the knowledge. Is this achievable? This will depend on the level at which the pupil has achieved so far as you may have to adapt your initial plans depending on the circumstances. It could be simply the weather conditions, the volume of traffic or it could be that the pupil cannot focus on the tasks ahead of them or they may not have the confidence to move on at this time so be prepared to adapt the lesson plan.

Always remember they are the customer and they would like to go away in their lessons knowing that they have learnt something achievable.  Between the lessons the instructor gives guidance to the level of the pupil and there qualities answering their questions so they fully know the subject in hand. The end of the lesson is to cover any concerns or misunderstandings so the pupil can feel like they have achieved their goal ready to start their next lesson.

There are many other qualities to look for in a driving instructor. Look out for the next blog!

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